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Puppy Linux Wary/Racy Packages

Pup Mates by Radky

An integrated suite of Puppy-Linux applications. Thanks to Radky (forum name) for allowing RacyPup to mirror his excellent Pup Mates here.

Fancy a bit more bling than JWM offers; FbBox desktop with fbpanel and the openbox window manager will certainly do that. More information. View screenshot
Takes all the messing about out of setting up your desktop. Basically, it just makes use of the existing JWM tools, but wraps it all up in an easy-to-use GUI. More information. View screenshot
ListDD is a graphical front-end for the ldd command which Lists Dynamic Dependencies of binary executables and library files. More information available here. View screenshot
Time to spruce up your desktop with a package that generates wallpapers and custom text can be added to personalise it further. More information. View screenshot
Adds many functions to the terminal: foreground/background colour, cursor colour, tabs (on/off) and colour and many more. More information. View screenshot
The pArchive utility is a simple graphical front-end to archival and file compression formats frequently used in the Linux desktop environment. More information. View screenshot
pRun is a PATH-based application launcher similar to gExec and gRun. More information. View screenshot
PupApps Launcher is a graphical panel which permits menu-like access to most Puppy programs and is similar to the companion program, PupControl Panel, which permits access to more than sixty Puppy control functions. PupApps is a standalone program, but will integrate seamlessly with pRun, PupClockset, PupControl, PupMenu, PupShutdown, PupSnap and PupSysInfo. More information. View screenshot
PupClockset automatically detects the active window manager or panel, and provides an intuitive interface for changing the clock format and font attributes. More information. View screenshot
PupControl Panel is a graphical control panel which permits menu-like access to more than sixty Puppy control functions, and is similar to the companion program, PupApps Launcher, which permits quick access to most Puppy programs (applications). The control panel is a standalone program but will integrate seamlessly with PupApps, PupMenu, pRun and PupShutdown. More information. View screenshot
PupKview is a multi-function viewer of active (loaded) kernel modules, including standard hardware drivers. The top window of the main user interface provides a list of currently loaded kernel modules, with associated descriptions. More information. View screenshot
PupMenu is a comprehensive menu-item editor and program launcher based on standard .desktop files of the Linux file system. More information. View screenshot
PupShutdown Manager enables menu-like access to sixteen common functions that one may find helpful when closing a Puppy session. More information. View screenshot
PupSnap is a superb GUI for Scrot which is a command-line screen capture application that uses the imlib2 library to acquire images. More information. View screenshot
Pup-SysInfo is a GUI which enables easy access to more than fifty utilities that provide information about the functions of Puppy Linux. More information. View screenshot